Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Councils

Diversity councils and committees serve as college focused teams made up of faculty, students, and staff who “lead, advocate for, coordinate, inform, and/or monitor the actions necessary to implement and sustain Jefferson’s Diversity, Inclusion and Community Engagement strategy.”

Priority Areas

Education & Awareness

  • Ensuring faculty, students, and staff have the knowledge, skills, and ability to model culturally competent behavior
  • Ensure faculty have the knowledge, skills, and ability to deliver an academic experience that demonstrates inclusive excellence
  • Ensure that students graduate with the knowledge, skills, and ability to interpret, respect, and value local, global, and conceptual diversity


  • Ensuring that inclusive practices are implemented to recruit and retain a highly skilled workforce and student population that reflects the diversity of the communities Jefferson serves 

Community Engagement

  • Engage faculty, staff, and students to increase Jefferson’s presence in and impact on the community Jefferson serves

Participating Colleges